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Experienced. Innovative.

One big family being super creative.

Lisa Perry

CEO / Marketing Strategist

Brian Perry

COO / Creative Director

Your Meat & Potatoes

25 years ago, the word “digital” still felt like something out of the Space Age. Today, you can’t successfully run a business without it. You need a great website, a social media presence, an email marketing strategy, and so on and so forth. In other words, a LOT has changed in those 25 years, and Perry Productions has remained on the cutting edge of all of it.

How? It’s simple, really. We just did what all great digital marketing agencies should—we evolved.

In the beginning, there were two: Lisa and Brian Perry. They founded, managed, and operated Perry Productions out of their home for 20 years. Brian still remembers the days when “copy and paste” literally meant cutting out pieces of paper and pasting them together to form a brochure. While those days are (thankfully) behind us, they laid the foundation for what Perry Productions is today, a team dedicated to your success.

We went from specializing in print marketing to being Authorized Local Experts for Constant Contact, providing clients in-depth quarterly reports of their social media metrics, offering online social media workshops through Lisa Perry Social, and so much more. Introducing these new services to our repertoire was never about being flashy or trendy. That’s not who we are. In fact, we’ve been referred to as “the meat & potatoes” on more than one occasion. Instead, these new services grew out of our clients’ communication needs.

It was a natural evolution. As businesses went from needing a brochure to needing a website, we went from offering static content to interactive digital content. We watched it all happen in real time, and we made the necessary moves to stay more than just relevant; we’ve stayed at the top of our game. How else would we have won the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year in 2016?

As the marketing industry grew and changed over the years, so did our team. We added specialists, capitalizing on each individual’s strength, and expanded our services accordingly. If you need a logo designed, we have someone. If you need a blog written, we have someone. If you need a video produced or a website developed or anything else you can possibly think of, we have someone to do just that and to do it well. Because at the end of the day, our goal is to meet your needs.

Despite all of the changes and growth and evolution, that key component to what we do has always remained the same. We are here for you. We stay on top of the most efficient and effective marketing strategies so that you don’t have to. We go to your meetings, we stay connected with phones calls, we go the extra mile even when we’re not asked to, and we do it all to help your business be the best it can be. We are not just an agency. We’re your marketing team.

Avalin Inman

Digital Marketing Manager

She may consider herself a “Bad Hawaiian” but when it comes to managing our team, Avalin’s nothing short of great. You don’t need to know how to swim to create, organize, and implement incredible marketing strategies.

Abby Cagle

Digital Marketing Associate

Perry Productions doesn’t function without Abby. The first word that comes to mind when we think of her is “essential,” because that’s exactly what she is to us. The second word that comes to mind is “pickles,” because they’re her favorite.