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Saavy Marketing Advice

My Mom Always Told Me Not to Brag

I’ve always considered that to be great advice and listening to that motherly mantra as I grew up served me well. But when I entered the field of marketing (many years ago), I realized that a little bit of bragging about your company can go a long way.

Think about it, you and your competitors are trying to reach the same audience. If you aren’t telling your prospective clients or donors about why they should choose your company, who is? It’s certainly not going to be your competitors. After all, no one will make you their first choice if they aren’t convinced you are the best choice.

The biggest key to “bragging” about your company is to make sure everything you say is 100% true. Any form of deceit will quickly be called out by your competition and customers (not to mention social media users). And definitely don’t say anything negative about your competition. In the end, that will only turn off people to you and your brand.

As long as you talk about yourself using a likeable, confident voice with a healthy dose of humbled pride, your audience will pay attention to what you have to say. They might even go as far as bragging “about” you (word of mouth marketing) … the holy grail of free advertising.

Feel free to share important company developments, promotions, or awards that you or your employees have received. Let your audience know about that amazing new product that you’ve developed or that incredible webinar that you are offering.

If you fall prey to the “I don’t have anything to brag about” bug, dig deeper. Everyone has something amazing about themselves that others want to hear.

So, go ahead, brag away.

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