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Social Media Tips: LinkedIn

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Evaluating your LinkedIn profile and making a few changes can really pack a punch! Check out these three easy things you can do that will make a potential client or customer’s first impression more impressive.

  1. Rewrite your headline. There is nothing more boring than just having your job title. You do a lot more for your company that what is in your title so use all of the characters (120) available to you. My title at my company is president or even owner, but what I do for my clients that is valuable is I help them with marketing strategies. I also want people to know that we also do websites and that I am available for speaking engagements. And lastly, I use my headline to share something we are very proud of, which is that we were recognized as the Small Business of the Year. This gives a new person getting to know me and my company that we have been recognized for the quality of our work.
  2. Add a photo to your personal background image. Does your current image look like the photo below? If so, you are missing an opportunity to share something about your company. My first impression of you might be that if you are not thorough in your online presence, you might not pay attention to details. You can create a custom image for this space that shares something valuable and serves as an advertisement for your company. You can also share something about your company culture like the example above in my profile. I love that picture because it shows our entire team celebrating the ribbon cutting of our new office. It shows that we are fun, and our company is thriving.
  3. Be sure to fill out your contact info. I see this mistake a lot! Part of being on LinkedIn is so that people can discover you and then contact you, but often times the contact info is not filled out completely. Part of that is because people may not realize there are actually two areas that need filled out. The pencil in the image below is obvious and that is what allows you to update your name, headline, summary and other main bio info. However, you can also click on the “See contact info” which allows you to customize your profile name, phone and email, but also add website URLs (and yes, you can add more than one!)

There is so much more that you can do with your LinkedIn profile to make it a valuable part of marketing your company, but these three easy steps will give you a head start. If you want to learn even more, watch our recent webinar recording on YouTube.

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